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  • 30-day reconsideration

    Tapping offers a 30-day reconsideration period without any questions asked.

  • Safe and swift payment

    Through Mollie, you can securely and swiftly make payments via various available payment options.

  • Package fits mailbox

    All Tapping packages fit through the mailbox, meaning you don't have to be home to receive it. How convenient is that?

Order business cards for both professional and personal use

Business cards are essential for sharing your contact details with clients, business partners, and other important contacts. They can be distributed at trade shows, events, and various occasions, providing an easy way to conclude a conversation. However, paper business cards have the disadvantage of being easily lost and lacking sustainability. Fortunately, Tapping offers a solution to these issues.

Last business card ever

With Tapping Card, you'll never have to order or design business cards again. Instead, carry one card equipped with an NFC chip and a QR code. By tapping the card on the back of a smartphone, your contact details, social media, website, and other information automatically open on the recipient's device. You can customize the digital card in your brand's style, making it as unique as your business. The NFC chip wirelessly exchanges information with other devices, while the QR code can be used on older devices without NFC support. This allows you to share your digital business card with anyone in just a fraction of a second.

Order business cards affordably

At Tapping, you can swiftly and affordably order durable business cards. Easily purchase them from our online store with delivery typically within 1-5 business days. Don't worry about being home for deliveryβ€”our packages fit through the mailbox. We offer various payment methods including iDeal, PayPal, Credit Card, and more.

No more printing business cards ever again

With Tapping Card or Tag, you no longer need to print or order business cards. Instead, enjoy the benefits of digital business cards. These are sustainable and environmentally friendly, as you don't need stacks of paper cards or dispose of them when someone leaves. Additionally, the cards have a very long lifespan and are durable. They are also user-friendly, as you simply need to tap them against the recipient's mobile device to share and download the data. For older devices without NFC, the cards also feature a QR code. This way, you can easily and sustainably share your contact information with anyone you want.