Elevate Your Networking Game with the Best Digital Business Card

Upgrade Your Networking With The Best Digital Business Card

Make lasting connections with Tapping

The digital business card that allows you to share all aspects of your professional persona with just a tap! Whether you're looking to network in person or virtually, Tapping has you covered.

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  • Customizable and Instantaneous

    With our free mobile app, you can easily customize what you share with your contacts. Share your social media profiles, contact information, and more with just a tap.

  • Waterproof and Durable

    Our digital business cards are built to last, so you can be sure that your contacts will always have access to your information.

  • Contactless Networking

    Simplify your networking efforts and avoid the hassle of exchanging physical cards. All it takes is a tap!

  • No App Required

    Your contacts don't need an app to receive your Tapping card. Simply tap the card with their smartphone and they're good to go.

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At Tapping, we offer a range of smart products to suit your style. Choose from classic black, bold gradient, or trendy tag designs to make your mark. Plus, our app is 100% free and has no additional in-app purchases, so you can get the most out of your product without any hidden costs.

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Tapping the best digital business card collab with tree-nation plant 4 trees every product sold

Plant 4 trees with every product purchase

At Tapping, we believe networking should be easy and sustainable. That's why we've partnered with Tree-Nation to plant a tree for every digital business card sold. With Tapping, you can make meaningful connections and contribute to a greener future at the same time. Let's build a better world, one tap at a time!

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Tapping Products

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  • Tapping the best digital business card NFC-logo


    Easily share with any iPhone or Android device simply by tapping one of our smart products, no app required.

  • Tapping the best digital business card the start page QR-code


    Take advantage of the advanced analytics and unlimited scans of your free in-app Tapping QR code.

  • Tapping the best digital business card send icon


    Share your profile link across multiple platforms using text messages, email, social media bios, and more.

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Download Tapping App

Get the ultimate digital networking experience with the Tapping App, the best digital business card app available for download on Google Play or the App Store.

Elevate your networking game with the best digital business card. Our 100% free app offers limitless customization options and secure data storage. Download now to unlock the full potential of digital networking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which phones support our digital business cards?

Every modern smartphone, IOS and Android can read your Tapping product, some Android devices must manually enable NFC by going to your settings > Search for NFC > Enable.

Where do I place my Tapping Tag?

Place your Tapping Tag at the back of your phone in the grey areas as shown on the image below.

Waar plaats ik mijn Tapping de beste digitale visitekaartje-tag op telefoons

Does the person who scans my Tapping product need an app?

No, our NFC business card also works without an app. Just make sure that NFC is enabled and the display is on, otherwise it won't work. For Android users, NFC is usually built into the center piece on the back of your smartphone. To use it, simply hold the tag or card against the back of your phone. With the NFC business card you can easily exchange contact details.

Why do I have a QR code on the back of my Tapping Card?

You have a QR code on every Tapping card product. Tapping allows you to use QR codes to exchange contact information . This is useful if your prospect hast an older phone withouth NFC or if you do not know how to switch it on. You can connect your QR code in the Tapping app.

Does Tapping's digital business card require a subscription?

No, our digital business card is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees. You buy a tag or a digital business card, then install your tag or digital business card and then it is ready to use.

Can I have more than one Tapping product?

Yes, you can buy as many Tapping products and have as many profiles as you want.