Go Paperless with Tapping's Revolutionary Business Card

Go Paperless with Tapping's Revolutionary Business Card

Enhance Your Networking Game With Tapping's Paperless Business Cards

Tapping's digital business card is a game changer in the world of networking. Say goodbye to the traditional paper business card and hello to a sustainable, customizable, and effortless way of sharing your contact information.

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  • Long Term Solution

    Tapping's NFC business cards are built to last.

  • Contactless Networking

    No need to fumble through your wallet or purse looking for a paper card.

  • Customizable, Instantaneous

    Customize what you share with our free mobile app.

  • No App Required

    Just tap and go it's as simple as that.

Tapping digital business card profile with Social media icons all over

Tapping's Endless Sharing Options

Tapping's paperless business card allow you to share more than just your contact information. You can share your social media profiles, business and personal websites, and more. Stay connected in a digital world and make meaningful connections like never before.

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Tapping paperless digital business card planting trees for the nature

Go Green with Tapping's Paperless Business Card

At Tapping, we care about the environment. That's why for every product sold, we plant 4 trees with Tree-Nation, contributing to a better future for us all. With Tapping, you can network sustainably and make a positive impact on the environment, all while effortlessly sharing your contact information with just a tap.

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Tapping digital paperless business card path how it works step by step
  • Tapping paperless digital business card NFC logo


    Tap your phone against another NFC-enabled device.

  • Tapping paperless business card QR code home page


    scan your free in-app Tapping QR code.

  • Tapping paperless business card send icon home page


    send your profile link across multiple platforms.

Tapping paperless business card app showcase

Download Tapping App

Download our free Tapping app from Google Play or App Store to get the most out of your paperless business card. The app lets you add and manage links, add your contact information, and customize the appearance of your profile.

And best of all, it's 100% free with no additional in-app purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which phones support our paperless business cards?

Every modern smartphone, IOS and Android can read your Tapping product, some Android devices must manually enable NFC by going to your settings > Search for NFC > Enable.

Where do I place my Tapping Tag?

Place your Tapping Tag at the back of your phone in the grey areas as shown on the image below.

Where to place my Tapping paperless businenss card Tag on phones

Does the person who scans my Tapping product need an app?

No, our NFC business card also works without an app. Just make sure that NFC is enabled and the display is on, otherwise it won't work. For Android users, NFC is usually built into the center piece on the back of your smartphone. To use it, simply hold the tag or card against the back of your phone. With the NFC business card you can easily exchange contact details.

Why do I have a QR code on the back of my Tapping Card?

You have a QR code on every Tapping card product. Tapping allows you to use QR codes to exchange contact information . This is useful if your prospect hast an older phone withouth NFC or if you do not know how to switch it on. You can connect your QR code in the Tapping app.

Does Tapping's digital business card require a subscription?

No, our paperless business card is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees. You buy a tag or a digital business card, then install your tag or digital business card and then it is ready to use.

Can I have more than one Tapping product?

Yes, you can buy as many Tapping products and have as many profiles as you want.